Officers of the Club 2021

  • Chairperson – Mr Steve Woods
  • Mr Captain – Mr Tom Walls
  • Lady Captain – Mrs Melissa Horrocks
  • Mr President – Mr B Peter
  • Lady President – Mrs Doris Eyres
  • Ex-Captain – Mr Paul Wright
  • Honorary Treasurer – Mrs Jackie Pickering
  • Company Secretary – Mr Steve Woods
  • House Chairperson – Mr Andy Coomber
  • Head of Greens Committee – Mr Paul Wright
  • Competitions and Handicaps Secretary – Mr Brian Lee
  • Club Welfare Officer – Mr Dave Horrocks
  • Council Member – Mr Tony Drew

Life Members

Mr. Brian Scowcroft
Mrs. Joan Hunter

Honorary Members

Mr Barry Whittam

Past Presidents:

Mr T.E. Barnes, Mr M.T. Baron, Mr I.A. Van Cuylenburg, Mr J. Foley, Mr J. Howcroft, Mr R.J. Sykes, Mr B. Lee, Mr D.C. Price, Mr S.C. Woods, Mr N. Kelly, Mr R. Fitton, Mr S. Brookes, Mr B. Clews, Mr K.W. Daley, Mr C.J. Dickinson,

Ladies Committee 2021/22
Lady Captain – Mrs Melissa Horrocks
Lady President – Mrs Doris Eyres
Treasurer – Mrs Melissa Horrocks 
Competitions Secretary – Mrs Doris Eyres 
Secretary – Mrs Lynne Kirkman 
Committee Member – Mrs Dot Doohan