We are the Champions!!

Great Lever and Farnworth G.C Men's Team

From zeros to heroes our Men’s Team at Great Lever and Farnworth Golf Club have lifted the BGA trophy against all odds.

During the 2020 season the team did not win one match. The team also played all matches away due to an issue with our course.

Sunday saw the team lift the trophy after beating Turton Golf Club 6 – 2 in the final. The team met some tough competition from Turton and we would like to congratulate them on reaching the final and thank you for your hospitality. Also thank you to Mr Captain of Turton, Dave Coffey for joining the team back at Great Lever in our celebrations (Nobody mention the pond ?)

The team on the day was Matty Leach, Andy Coomber, Darran Birch, Gareth Slack, Ben Minshull, Dave Walsh – Team Captain, Dave Mort, Paul Bridge and Mark Drew. Unfortunately Jonathan Dabbs played all season but had to self isolate on the day. The team Vice Captain is Phil Tyack.

Congratulations from the whole Club and thank you for putting the Great back in Great Lever and Farnworth Golf Club.


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