CASC Statement

Great Lever and Farnworth Golf Club operates as a Community Amateur Sports Club and from 1st April 2016 new rules apply, the revised guidelines require that all CASC golf clubs offer a membership package that is affordable to persons on a very limited income.  Great Lever and Farnworth offers a Low Income 4 day membership allowing opportunities to play on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday inclusive, the cost of which is £450.  This is in line with local authority concessions providing leisure facilities to the community.  This membership offer is available to persons on limited income who are in receipt of certain state benefits.  Applicants not in receipt of these benefits and unable to pay full membership will be considered on an individual basis. Any applicant applying under these criteria will need to demonstrate their inability to pay the full fees to the club.This 4 day membership provides all the rights and is subject to the same responsibilities as Full Members (with the exception of being allowed to play in, but not win any of the clubs major competitions, if they fall on a Sunday).  Please contact the Secretary for details and an application form.