Competition Notes

1. To be eligible to play in Club competitions, members must satisfy the following:

a) Annual subscriptions/payments must not be in arrears.
b) Any outstanding competition fees must have been paid (see note 3).
c) Have a qualified handicap (see section B).
d) Have an allotted time on the starting sheet.

2. To qualify to play in either the Captains or Presidents prizes, members must have returned in the current season a minimum of 4 cards in singles competitions prior to the date; excluded are past Captains and Presidents.

3. On all Club competition days, any member having secured a time by entering his name on the starting sheet is obliged to pay the competition fee for the day, whether he plays or not. Members are not permitted to play in any further competitions until the fee has been paid. The Shop personnel will keep records of offenders.

4. To enter any Club competition, members must register and pay the competition fee to the Shop personnel, who will in turn issue them with a score card.

5. All score cards must be signed by both player and marker, and must show date, name(s), type of competition, handicap(s), gross scores. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Note: It is the responsibility of each member to:
a) Return all score cards, even if classified “NO RETURN” for handicap purposes.
b) Enter all scores into the Club computer, and post the score card into the box provided. This applies to all singles competitions, for which the result will be computed. Failure to comply may result in the wrong completed score cards go straight into the box, no computer entry required.

6. Only one competition must be played in one round of golf.

7. Members must play from the competition tee markers fixed for that day, these are usually white, please check.

8. All singles competitions must be played in 2 or 3 balls.

9. The Club knock-out competitions, singles and 4 ball, will be played off nine tenths of the difference of their playing handicap, with a maximum handicap of 28.

10. 4 ball competitions will be played off a reduced full handicap, depending on type of competition being played.

11. Should the results of a competition be tied, the winners will be decided as follows:
a) Major Competitions – A play off date will be arranged by the Competition Committee, and original handicap will apply.
b) Other Competitions (including 4 ball) – Card play off over last 9, 6, 3 holes etc. in that order.

12. In the event of competitors failure to agree a mutually convenient date and time, any competitor may request in writing that the Chairman of Handicaps nominate a time and date of his own choosing.

13. A list of prize winners will be posted shortly after each event. It is the members responsibility to determine if he is amongst the winners. All winners must attend the presentation night specified on the starting and prize winners sheets, or nominate another member to collect on his behalf. Also he must send a letter of apology for his absence to the Captain. Failure to comply will result in the prize being forfeited. Winner of a 4 ball, a minimum of 1 member must attend or send a letter of apology to captain.

14. In all Club Competitions members under 21 years of age must play with a gentleman/lady member as a marker.


1. Members requiring their first handicap or re-applying for a lapsed handicap must submit a minimum of three score cards, duly signed by another member to the Handicaps Committee.

2. To retain your handicap, four cards from any qualifying competition, must be submitted within the playing season. Members who find this requirement impossible to meet must notify the Handicaps Committee for a ruling.

3. Handicaps will be revised as per the World Handicap System . Following each singles qualifying competition, the player’s handicap will be adjusted upward or downwards depending upon how the player had performed.
Please Note
It is the players sole responsibility to ensure he is playing off the correct handicap. Therefore please check the Notice Board, Howdidido or England Golf.
Also, members are reminded they are obliged to submit all their score cards from qualifying competitions, whether played at home or at an away course. Failure to comply may result in the member forfeiting the right to play in Club competitions.

Starting Sheet

1. New starting sheets for the weekend after next are open for entries at 9.30 pm. every Thursday.

2. Only members intending to play in a Club competition may enter their names on the starting sheet before the day of the competition.

3. The latest time for a member to delete his name from the sheet without being liable to pay the entry fee, is 6.00pm on the eve of the competition day. He must notify his playing partner(s).


1. Members signing in visitors to play, may introduce up to a maximum of three players at the reduced green fee at any one time, and must play with them. This does not apply to societies, when a member may introduce only one player at the reduced green fee.

2. Visitors may be invited to play up to a maximum of four times in any one year at the reduced green fee.

3. Members are expected to acquaint their visitors with the rules of the Club, and ensure they are adhered to.


1. The following is unacceptable behaviour and any offenders should be reported to the Council, who will deal with the matter appropriately.

a) Talking, moving, standing too close or behind a fellow player when he is making his shot.
b) The player who has the honour must be allowed to complete his shot before a fellow player tees up his ball.
c) Players who do not replace divots, repair pitch marks and smooth over bunkers after use.
d) Players must not play until the party in front is out of range.
e) Trolley carts must not be taken across greens or tees.
f) Golf bags must not be dropped or placed onto the green’s putting surface.
g) Care must be taken at all times not to damage the hole or putting surface when replacing, removing and laying down the flagstick.
h) Members are not permitted to purchase golf balls on the Course from any outside agency.
j) Ride on buggies must not be used or parked on the fringes of any putting green.

2. Slow play is the cause of much frustration and anger and cannot be tolerated. Members are reminded it is in everyone’s interest, that players keep up with the game in front and not just ahead of the game behind. If you are unable to do so, you must offer the ones behind to play through. Offenders should be reported to Competitions Committee who will deal with them appropriately.

General Notes

1. Any local rules in operation will be posted on the Notice Board. Members must at all times familiarise themselves with them. Penalties will apply for any breach of a Local Rule.

2. Members are expected to familiarise themselves with the “Rules of Golf’. Any breach of rules through naivety is not acceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.

3. Mobile phones. These are not allowed on the Course, but may be answered or used in the hall or corridors of the clubhouse.

4. Reserve tee times must be adhered to and must not be infringed on by other members tee times. Always endeavour to be available to play at least 10 minutes before your tee off time.

5. Acceptable dress codes for both Course and Clubhouse are summarised on a card which is posted in the lounge areas of the Clubhouse. Members are expected to familiarise themselves with them.

6. To keep the Course in good condition it is absolutely essential members co-operate by replacing divots, repairing pitch marks and smoothing over bunkers after use.

7. It is the duty of every member to WARN off trespassers on the Course. In the past, extensive damage has been done to the course, and it is only by every member being diligent on this matter that we can hope to keep the Course in the best condition. It is the Club, and therefore the members who pay repair costs for any malicious damage. So please report all incidents to the Club Secretary or Club Official.

8. Members are requested not to strew litter about the Course, but to put into the receptacles provided.

9. All members are asked to co-operate by informing the Golf Club Secretary of any change of address or telephone number. This is essential for keeping the records straight and therefore minimising the misdirection of correspondence to members.

Members in Arrears with Subscriptions

Any Member who has not paid his or her subscription in full or failed to comply with the payment and/or time terms of an instalment plan may not play the Course.

If any Member shall fail to pay his subscription before 28th February in any year their Membership or may, at the discretion of the Council, be cancelled without further notice and his (or her) name shall be erased from the Register of Members and he shall forfeit all rights and claims upon the Club and its property, except money due to him on loan. The name of the Member may be replaced by the Council upon an available vacancy and payment of all arrears.

Suspension of Subscriptions For Playing Members

Whilst the Club will look favourably upon applications from members for suspension of their subscriptions due to health or similar valid reason, each application will be judged upon its own merits and after ratification the Council is subject to the following criteria being met:
a) The application must be in writing and the fullest possible details given in support.
b) If granted, the period of suspension will be from the 1st of the month following the date of application and remain effective up to 31st December of the same year. Applications for continuation of suspension beyond 31st December must be made in writing before 30th November. c) Any member wishing to terminate an approved suspension and resume playing membership before 31st December may apply in writing to the Council. However, the minimum period of suspension will in all cases be three months in any one year.
d) Subscriptions must be paid in full for the year in which application for suspension is made. No refund will be made for the period of suspension in the year in which it is granted, but will be credited toward the following year’s subscription. Credit value will be given only for full calendar months within an approved period of suspension.
e) The amount of credit value for each full calendar month of suspension shall be: January – 5% February – 5% March – 5% April – 7.5% May – 10% June – 10% July – 10% August – 10% September – 10% October – 7.5% November – 5% December – 5%
f) All successful applicants will be required to remain social members

Subscriptions for New Members

Any member joining after 1st of January in any year will be liable for payment of the following percentage of the appropriate subscription.
January to April inclusive – 100% May – 90% June – 80% July – 70% August – 60% September – 45% October – 30% November – 20% December – 0%

Resignation of Membership

Any member wishing to resign from the Club shall give due notice in writing addressed to the Golf Club Secretary and deposited at the Club no later than the 31st day of December in any year of his intention so to do, otherwise he shall be liable to pay the annual subscription for the next following year.
Any member who resigns his (or her) membership shall not be entitled to reapply for membership as and until one calendar year has elapsed since their resignation.

Junior Members


Junior Members will without exception make themselves familiar with all Club Rules applicable to both Course and the Clubhouse. If in doubt they will seek the advice of a full member.
Juniors will at all times, afford due courtesy and respect to their full member counterparts.
The Clubhouse Manager (Steward) has been vested with authority to ask any person who misbehaves, acts rowdily or abuses the Club Property to leave the premises immediately.


Juniors will be suitably attired both on the Course and in the Clubhouse. The wearing of denim apparel, tracksuits or similar, collarless tee shirts or similar, football shirts
Shirts must be tucked in trousers at all times. Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless covered by waterproofs.

Any junior failing to comply with the dress code will be or similar and trainers, is strictly prohibited. required to leave the Course and / or premises.

Tee Times

During the season on Saturdays and Sundays, Juniors may not play until after 2.30p.m. or until all the senior members have gone out. In the Closed Season they may not play until all the senior members have gone out. This rule does not apply where a Junior Member has been invited to partner a senior member, Junior Members must before going to the 1st tee, enquire in the Shop in order to confirm the 1st tee is available to them. Failure to comply with this rule may result in disciplinary action.


In order to obtain a handicap, a Junior Member must submit three cards to the Handicaps Committee or Junior Organiser, appropriately marked and signed by either a senior member or person designated by the Junior Organiser

Care of the Course

In order that the Course can be kept in good condition, All players must replace divots (turf cut when making a stroke) where appropriate. The divot shall be pressed back into place. Pitch marks (the small indentation produced by the ball striking the green) must be repaired as soon as possible by the player. It is also good practice for a player to repair any other pitch marks he may find.

Players should remember that, when placing the flagstick on the putting surface, no damage is done to that surface.
Neither player or caddie should stand so close to the hole when removing or replacing the flagstick as to cause damage to the edges of the hole. The flagstick should be properly replaced before leaving the green.
Trolleys must not be taken onto or across the greens.
If your ball enters a bunker you must without exception rake the sand after taking your shot.
Do not deposit litter on the course. All empty cans, bottles, crisp packets, confectionery wrappers etc. should either be placed in the bins provided around the Course or alternatively, appropriately disposed of on return to the Clubhouse.
Slow Play
 In the interests of all, players should play without undue delay. Whilst searching for a ball players should allow other Matches approaching to pass them; they should signal to those players to pass. Having allowed them to do so, play should not continue until such time as those players are out of range. Players are reminded that slow play causes annoyance to other competitors and thus the Council reserves the right to penalise offenders.
Remember! Keep up with the group in front not just in front of the group behind

Bar Areas and Snooker Table

No person under the age of 18 will purchase or consume alcohol on the Club’s premises or play on any gaming machine therein. Any contravention of this rule will result in dismissal from the Club. Unless accompanied by an adult, persons of 13 years or under may only enter the bar areas for the purpose of purchasing soft drinks and/or snacks. Having consumed such drinks and/or snacks they must immediately vacate the bar areas.
Unless accompanied by an adult, Junior Members under the age of 14 are not allowed in the Clubhouse after 8 pm., under the age of 16 after 1O pm.
No person of 13 years or under may use the snooker table or cues unless playing with an adult.
Any Junior Member eligible to use the snooker table will only do so after placing the required coinage in the meter provided in order to operate the table light. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disciplinary action.
A Junior Member having commenced to play snooker must vacate the table when required to do so by a senior member, but need only to do so on the completion of his/ her game. That game however, must be completed without undue delay.
The bar area must be kept tidy and free from litter at all times.

Locker Rooms

The locker rooms must be kept tidy at all times. The aisles must be kept free from obstructions and without exception shoes must be placed in the receptacles beneath the benches. Trolleys are not permitted in the Locker Room.
The entrance doors to the Club House and Locker Room will be locked each night at dusk.

Special Prizes & Conditions

A special prize will be given by the Captain.

EWGA Medal Rounds. A memento will be given to the lady who returns the 4 best nett cards. These competitions are denoted in the diary by the initials MR

Players must play in 2’s or 3’s when marking cards in competitions. Players must play in 2’s when marking cards to obtain a handicap.
When entering competitions, Ladies are reminded that they are only allowed to play with the same partner in a maximum of 6 competitions during the season.
During the playing season, any Lady Member who has entered her name on the Sunday Sheet must, if unable to play, give her playing partners a minimum of 24 hours notice of her intention not to play, to enable her to find a substitute. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in her having to pay the competition fee even though she has not played in the competition.
A special prize of £30 is to be donated to the Junior Section by the Ladies Section, to be presented on Prize Presentation Evening by the Lady Captain.